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In TSPS, Children are not only trained in academics but also in Other Game Activities to help them to become an All Rounder everywhere.

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we teachers with our students have a huge responsibility to give a semblance of sanity to this world. Unconventional ideas like sympathy, empathy, tolerance and sharing spaces with other communities are the benchmark of our school. Valuing range of intellectual capacities of the students we organize a wide spectrum of activities throughout the academic session. In our school, we motivate the students to gain practical wisdom via connecting learning with the real world experiences through a wide range of innovative teaching methods like conceptual activities, experiments, demonstrations, study projects, audio visual teaching methods, exussuions, camps, workshops, quiz sessions, aptitude tests and many more.

Arts and

The activities we offer are as follows:

Fine Arts is a part of everybody’s life. Fine arts is one of the best way to enjoy Life. Training in Fine arts is not early to perform but to enjoy too.

  • Performing Arts

  • Instrumental Music (Western & Eastern)

  • Painting and Drawing

  • Literary Arts

  • Debate

  • Parliament

  • Martial Arts

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